• 2017 Racing Schedule

    February 11th March 11th
    April 8th May 6th
    June 3rd July 1st
    August 12th September 9th
    October 7th November 4th

    2017 Winners

    Class Winner Vehicle
    Rip N Zip    
    Slow Poke    
    Feather Weight    
    Muscle Car    

2016 Car of the Year Winners

Class Winner Vehicle
Rookie Melissa McFadon Ballistick
Kids Drew Marx Cadillac V16
Slow Poke Cade Osborn Slow Plowed
Feather Weight Cade Osborn #44 Kyle Petty
Trucks Jordan Tiegs 09 Ford F150
Muscle Car Jenni Osborn 1957 Chevy

2016 Point Champions-Final

Class Winner
Rookie Landon Kestler
Rip N Zip n/a
Kids Landon Kestler
Slow Poke Joe Boggs
Feather Weight Coby Osborn
Trucks Jim Leichsenring
Muscle Car Coby Osborn




Welcome to Orange Track Racing online! Here, you'll find the latest pictures and news about the Orange Track Racing league.

Spend quality time with your family, friends, and neighbors racing Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Johnny Lightning cars monthly from February through November.

It is a fun, exciting, and intense event that all will enjoy.

Registration starts at 9:30 AM and racing begins at 10:00 AM.

  •   Races are held at Hus Church

Hus Church <map>
2808 Schaeffer Drive, SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

 Birthday party and special event packages available.

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  • No Races in July due to a funeral.  July Rip N Zip will be run in August.

    Landon Kistler advances from Kids class to the Pro Classes for winning the 2016 Kids class.  Congratulations!
    Landon Kistler, Gavin Doll, Melissa McFadon, and JJ Ratcliff all graduate from the Rookie class for scoring 10 points in 2016.  Congratulations!
    2017 Rule updates
    1. The Heavy Metal/Outlaw class has returned for 2017.  This class will include Heavy Metal Cars, 2014 High Speed Racing Wheels, Original FTEs from 2005-06, Johnny Lightning, Tiger Wheels, and Target Race Aces. 

    These cars continue to be not allowed in open packaged classes except for Slow Pokes.
    2. 2009 Ford F-150s and Smith Electric (Land Rover MK II) are no longer allowed in the Trucks or feather weight class.  Instead, they can be raced in the Outlaw class.
    3. Cadillac V-16's and all NASCAR cars are no longer allowed in the Feather Weight class.  Instead, they can be raced in the Outlaw class.

    4. Updated 2017 Rip N Zip classes.  <Info>

    5.  Rookie class is now a non trophy class.  Any rookie that gains 25 points in a single season will graduate up to the kids or pro classes.  Recognition will be made to those racers.



50 Feet, Four Lanes, and an Electronic Scoring System