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Car of the Year-2012

Kids-Coby Osborn/Silver Bullet Rookies-Jenni Osborn/67 Shelby GT500

Slow Poke- Jim Walderbach Feather Weight-Donna Walderbach/Side Kick
Truck-Brahn Glasnapp/Rescue Ranger Muscle Car-Melanie Lang/AMC Javelin-FTE
Heavy Metal-Brooks Glasnapp/Huffman Stocker  

November 2012

Kids-Melanie Lang/Buick Wildcat Rookies-Mike Cook/Dieselboy

Slow Poke-Cade Osborn Feather Weight-Don Kennelly/
Truck-Brahn Glasnapp/Rescue Ranger Muscle Car-Lance Maynard/
Heavy Metal-Brooks Glasnapp/Huffman Stocker Convertible-Chad Osborn/Eagle Massa

October 2012

Kids-Coby Osborn/Silver Bullett Rookies-Jenni Osborn/1967 Shelby GT500

Slow Poke-Gary Thayer Feather Weight-Jordan Tiegs/Synkro
Truck-Sydney Liechsenring/1962 Studebaker-JL Muscle Car-TJ Cook/1969 Chevelle
Heavy Metal-Sydney Liechsenring/Ferrari F40 Creature Cars-Chad Osborn/T-Rex Troyer


September 2012

Kids-TJ Cook/Dieselboy Rookies-TJ Cook/Synkro

Slow Poke-Brandon Maynard Feather Weight-Jordan Tiegs/2010 Ford Mustang-FTE
Truck-Jordan Tiegs/1997 Ford F-150 Muscle Car-Bob Roper/AMC Javelin-FTE
Heavy Metal-Don Kennelly/Ferrari F40 Rip 'N Zip-Chad Osborn/2011 Ford Mustang-FTE

August 2012

Kids-Logan Walters/Rocket Fire Rookies-Nick Richards/Nerve Hammer

Slow Poke-Gary Thayer Feather Weight-Gary Thayer/
Truck-Bob Roper/Honda Sprocket Muscle Car-Melanie Lang/1965 Mustang Fastback-FTE
Heavy Metal-Melanie Lang/Dodge Concept Car Hot Rod-Bob Roper/1972 Plymouth Duster Thruster


July 2012

Kids-Jordan Tiegs/Dieselboy Rookies-TJ Cook/Ford GTX1-FTE

Slow Poke-Gary Thayer Feather Weight-Bob Roper-Kyle Petty #44
Truck-Bob Roper/Cadillac Escalade Muscle Car-Melanie Lang/Rodger Dodger
Heavy Metal-Gary Thayer/Dodge Concept Car Police/Emergency/Military-Chad Osborn 2007 Chevy Tahoe

June 2012

Kids-Cade Osborn/Ferrari 458 FTE Rookies-Kyle Schlak/2010 Ford Mustang FTE

Slow Poke-Jim Walderbach Feather Weight-Donna Walderbach/Sidekick
Truck-Dave Thayer/Johnny Lightning Monopoly Van Muscle Car-Melanie Lang/Javelin-FTE
Heavy Metal-Bob Roper/Shadow Jet Outlaws-Chris Pearson/Way 2 Fast-FTE w/weight

May 2012

Kids-Coby Osborn/Ferrari 458-FTE Rookies-Jenni Osborn/Kasey Kahne #9

Slow Poke-Richard Tiegs Feather Weight-Jordan Tiegs/2010 Ford Mustang-FTE
Truck-Cade Osborn/Rescue Ranger Muscle Car-Coby Osborn/1968 Nova
Heavy Metal-Coby Osborn/Shadow Jet Movies/TV-Jim Walderback/A-Team Van

April 2012

Kids-Kaylia Richards/Porsche Carrerra GT Rookies-TJ Cook/Nerve Hammer

Slow Poke-Richard Tiegs Feather Weight-Rick Stone/Tony Stewart #14
Truck-Don Kennelly/Land Rover MKIII Muscle Car-Coby Osborn/Custom Cougar
Heavy Metal-Cade Osborn/Ferrari 355 80s/90s/Now-Don Kennelly/Ferrari F40


March 2012

Kids-Melanie Lang/2010 Ford Mustang-FTE Rookies-Ryan Wicke/Fast Fish-FTE

Slow Poke-Tristan Maynard Feather Weight-Cade Osborn/Jet Threat
Truck-Cade Osborn/2009 Ford F-150 Muscle Car-Lance Maynard/Dixie Challenger
Heavy Metal-Cade Osborn/Turbolence NASCAR-Mike Cook/2010 Chevy Impala-FTE

February 2012

Kids-Coby Osborn/Ferrari 458 Italia-FTE Rookies-TJ Cook/2010 Ford Mustang-FTE

Slow Poke-Jordan Tiegs Feather Weight-Jordan Tiegs/2010 Ford Mustang-FTE
Truck-Melanie Lang/Johnny Lightning 1977 Monopoly Van Muscle Car-Jordan Tiegs/1967 Pontiac Firebird 400
Heavy Metal-Don Kennelly/Ferrari 307 Matchbox-Don Kennelly