2020 Rules

  • Races are scheduled one Saturday each month from February to November. This is normally the 2nd Saturday of each month but could be different. Please check the schedule. Registration starts at 9:30 AM and racing begins at 10 AM.  

Registration is 25¢ per car up to a maximum of $5 (20 cars). Those who are racing 20 cars for $5 will get a bonus of racing 4 additional cars for a total of 24. You may enter your cars in one or all the classes you are eligible for. Kids 15 and under who bring 24 cars to race at any race during the year, will be given a free car (worth $2 in prize money) from the prize table.

Racers must be present during the entirety of the race classes they are entered in to be eligible for points awarded. Cars entered in the wrong class can be moved to the correct one if it has not yet raced. If it has you will be given the opportunity to put a different car in the current class or a class that has not yet run. If you are unsure what class to enter a car into, ask a race official. Once a class has begun, registration ends for that class. Cars are announced for each race, so racers know when their car is racing. Make sure your cars are numbered and legible, if they are not, they may be disqualified.

If a car jumps the track, that heat will be run again in the Rookie and Kids Classes as well as in the finals of any class. If the car jumps again it will be out. The racer does have the option to pull the car after it jumps the 1st time.

Any car that wins 3 times in a class in one year will be moved to the Outlaw Class the following season.

In the Pro Classes (Feather Weight, Trucks, American Muscle Car/Hot Rod, and Outlaw) no more than 4 cars of a casting can be entered per racer. Additionally, in the Pro Classes (Feather Weight, Trucks, American Muscle Car/Hot Rod), once a racer has won a class with a particular casting 3 times, that racer can no longer run that casting for the rest of the year. (Example: A racer wins the class with a '69 Ford Torino Talladega in February, May, and August, then that racer can no longer race the car for the rest of the season but everyone else can until they win with it 3 times.)

All classes have the same point scale for 1st through 4th place. A racer cannot place more than once per class. When we get down to the end of a class, if anyone has more than one car in it, they will race themselves until they are down to one car. Points awarded are: 10 for 1st place, 6 for 2nd place, 4 for 3rd place, and 2 for 4th place.

During the regular season, the champion of each class will be placed in a case and held by Orange Track Racing until the season championship in November. In other words, if your car wins its class, you "garage it" until November when it will race for the Car of the Year Championship. This race will honor the fastest car entered in each class throughout the entire season. To be eligible for the Car of the Year trophy, you must attend and race in a minimum of three-monthly racing events.

At the end of the year, if there is a tie in points the following will be used to break the time:

  1. Number of 1st place wins for the season, if the same, then,
  2. Number of 2nd place wins for the season, if the same, then,
  3. Number of 3rd place wins for the season, if the same, then,
  4. Number of 4th place wins for the season, if the same, then,
  5. There will be a race off by the racers. The car will be from one that has won a monthly race in the affected class. If the racer will not be at the final race they can choose the car at the last race that they attend for the season.

The Feather Weight and American Muscle Car/Hot Rod Rip 'N Zip Classes will have trophies for 1st place and for Car of the Year. The rest of the classes that get trophies at the end of the year will remain the same with trophies for 1st - 4th place and Car of the Year. 

We will give thanks to God through a devotional time during the race day. Participating in the devotional time is not required to race.

Orange Track Racing is sponsored by and is a ministry of Grace Street Church. The Orange Track Racing board will answer questions and resolve all disputes.